The keffiyeh, olive department, watermelon and different Palestinian symbols

by Nov 20, 2023Middle East0 comments

Al Jazeera visually showcases 8 symbols that constitute Palestinian identification and resistance to Israeli profession.

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What stage of chance is posed by means of a brand new wave of COVID-19 instances?

World Health Organization information 1.4 million new infections all over July and August, up 80 % from earlier month.

Magic Johnson Blasts Commanders After 20-Point Loss vs. Bears

The Commanders suffered their 3rd consecutive loss on Thursday, and in flip, gave the Bears their first win of the yr in a 40-20 defeat. After the sport, Magic Johnson, part-owner of the franchise, took to social media with some harsh complaint of...

American trapped in Gaza says he looks like ‘second-class citizen’

A Michigan couple have filed a lawsuit in opposition to US govt to compel evacuation of Americans in Gaza Strip amid battle.

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