PNG vs JPG vs PDF: Which File Format Should You Use?

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With such a lot of symbol codecs, how have you learnt the adaptation between PNG vs. JPG vs. PDF (and extra)? We’re right here to steer you.

Images are available in many sizes and styles, and each symbol layout has its explicit strengths and weaknesses. No layout is designed to perform the similar duties. Two of the commonest (and frequently puzzled) document codecs are JPG vs. PNG.

Below, we’ll destroy down the much-discussed comparability of PNG vs. JPG in order that you know the way to make use of every. There’s additionally PDF and TIFF, which is in any other magnificence from those standard symbol codecs, however can nonetheless carry out a couple of an identical purposes.

We’ll additionally display you how you can convert your symbol information to and from different codecs, like how you can trade a JPG to a PDF. Dive in and uncover which document layout works highest to your present challenge: JPG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF.



The JPG layout used to be evolved via Joint Photographics Export Group, which is the place the document title comes from. You’ll frequently see JPG expressed as JPEG, and functionally they imply the similar factor. In the older days of computer systems, document varieties had a personality restrict of 3 (therefore JPG), however JPEG is now turning into extra not unusual.

Pronounced “jay-peg,” JPGs are designed to attenuate the document measurement of images to cause them to extra appropriate for sharing and the usage of in internet design. Most of the pictures you to find on-line are most probably in JPG layout.

What’s a JPG-Large?

A more moderen document extension, referred to as a JPG-Large, is solely a bigger model of the JPG document. While no longer frequently used, JPG-Large information are from time to time noticed when importing photographs to social media platforms, akin to Facebook or Twitter. In an try to resize the uploaded symbol to the right kind dimensions at the platform, the document might trade to JPG-Large as an alternative.

If you’ve encountered a JPG-Large document and are not able to open them, merely rename the document to .jpg or .jpeg over the .jpg-large extension.

Advantages of JPG/JPEGs

Smaller File Size

This is the massive good thing about JPG photographs. If you’re designing a site, for instance, using JPG photographs gets you quicker web page load occasions and supply a greater person enjoy for the reason that information are smaller.

When you first save a JPEG document, the velocity of compression is set 10:1. So, in case you have a 20MB (megabyte) symbol this is then stored as a JPEG, you’ll be expecting the document to be 2MB in measurement. Resizing photographs to smaller document sizes with loose symbol resizing equipment is a handy guide a rough shortcut.

Widely Shareable and Viewable Online

Since JPG photographs are a not unusual document kind, they’re simply shareable and viewable on-line. This gets rid of the desire for any program required to view the picture document.

Disadvantages of JPG/JPEGs

Compression Can Lead to Loss in Quality

The major good thing about JPG photographs—smaller document measurement—additionally occurs to be their weak spot. The set of rules that compress JPG photographs unearths pixels which can be necessarily the similar colour, or price, and blocks them in combination into tiles. This creates a smaller document, however it additionally manner you lose one of the knowledge within the symbol, ensuing is decrease high quality. It additionally implies that you lose that knowledge eternally when the document is stored, so you’ll’t repair a JPG to its unique high quality.

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Not Ideal for Printing

Due to JPEGs’ talent to compress information to make their measurement smaller, which means JPGs are best suited for viewing on-line somewhat than printing. Instead of exporting as a JPEG, export your photographs or designs for print as a PDF.


Vector Icons to PNG

PNG is an acronym for “Portable Network Graphics,” and the picture layout is certainly optimized for graphics like graphs, trademarks, and textual content. However, you’ll simply as simply save {a photograph} as a PNG.

PNGs are steadily upper high quality than a JPG. This is as a result of PNG information weren’t supposed to cut back document measurement, so they maintain extra symbol and colour element, and knowledge than a JPG.

Much like JPG information, PNG information are broadly viewable and shareable throughout many platforms and techniques. Search up an icon on a internet browser and also you’ll most probably discover a .png document model of that icon.

Advantages of PNGs

Lossless Image Quality

The compression used when developing PNG leads to no loss in high quality, so the picture may also be stored, edited, and opened over and over again with out degrading over the years. This is at once at odds with a JPG document, which is able to additional compress and lose knowledge each time it’s edited or re-saved.

Transparency Features

One of the largest benefits of PNG information is their talent to exhibit transparency, making this document extension ultimate for icons, trademarks, and smaller graphics that require transparency. The grey checkered background you steadily see in PNG photographs earlier than downloading them signifies the transparency of that document.

Disadvantages of PNGs

Larger File Size

One of the the reason why JPG photographs are broadly used on the net is the pleasant document measurement. PNG photographs go through a special form of symbol compression that reduces the document measurement, however to not the similar stage as a JPG document.

Not Ideal for Photos or Printing

Due to PNGs’ lossless symbol high quality, they’re highest reserved for on-line photographs with restricted colour palettes. While you’ll definitely save a photograph as a PNG and print it out, JPGs and PDFs are extra appropriate on this state of affairs.


Convert to PDF

PDF information aren’t most often mentioned when weighing choices for symbol information, however you might wish to convert PDF information to and from PNG or JPG codecs. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the trade same old for file sharing, because it creates an actual copy of any document you wish to have to copy, together with photographs.

While you wouldn’t wish to use a PDF symbol to add on-line or in professional logo design, they’re helpful for emailing and storing screenshots and different photographs mixed with textual content paperwork or images.

Advantages of PDFs

Reliable and High-Quality

PDF information glance just like the unique design or {photograph}, serving as a replica of your symbol. PDF information are perfect for document sharing, and raise the peace of mind that your graph, photograph, or file will show accurately throughout gadgets with out being altered.

Ideal for Interactive and Print Designs

PDF photographs are extraordinarily customizable, permitting you to export photographs and paperwork, and optimize them for printing and sharing. The very good high quality is perfect for designs and paperwork that can in the long run be revealed versus dwelling on-line, like print brochures. When making ready a design for print manufacturing, saving as a PDF allows the design to stay top quality and print at more than a few sizes.

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In addition, PDF information are ultimate when developing interactive paperwork that require any shape inputs or button clicks. Programs akin to Adobe InDesign permit for exporting designs into an interactive PDF document.

Disadvantages of PDFs

Not Ideal for Logos or Icons

While PDF information evoke many benefits, they’re highest applied when exporting images and paperwork, and no longer trademarks or icons. Instead of the usage of the .pdf document extension, persist with .png or .jpg when exporting an emblem or icon.

Not Easily Editable

Since PDF information are flat, they don’t comprise the facility to edit. Reserve exporting your design to a PDF while you’re sharing the design for comments, the usage of a file for print or interactive functions, or on the point of print a piece of writing design.



TIFF information, similar to PNGs, are a lossless raster document layout. Short for “Tagged Image File Format,” TIFF information are identified for being prime quality and used most commonly in images. In addition to being prime quality, TIFF information are at the greater finish of the spectrum, so use them sparingly. While they aren’t a well-liked document extension, they’re steadily used with skilled images, desktop publishing, and scanning art work and paperwork.

Advantages of TIFFs

Ideal for Scanning and Printing High-Quality Graphics

If you’ve ever had to get a crisp model of a picture or print a top quality {photograph}, then TIFF document codecs are your go-to. Made to keep its high quality, TIFF provides the facility to make use of tags, layers, or even transparency, if wanted. TIFF information, whilst aren’t used as broadly as PNG, JPG, or PDF, fit with Adobe Photoshop.

Disadvantages of TIFFs

Not Suitable for Web

Due to the compression of TIFF information and their wide symbol high quality, this document extension isn’t appropriate for internet and online-only use. Stick to exporting your information as a .tif if you happen to’re making plans to print the picture or are the usage of a top quality scanner.

PNG vs. JPG vs. PDF vs. TIFF: Which File Format Is Best?

Still unsure on what’s the most productive symbol layout between PNG vs JPG, and questioning if you happen to must in reality go for a PDF? Let’s lend a hand via having a look at what document is maximum sensible to your wishes.

  • JPG photographs are perfect for posting pictures and pictures on-line, as they maintain document measurement down with out a lot general high quality loss. They’re additionally great for emailing preview photographs to purchasers, and for printing art work and images at prime answer.
  • PNG photographs are perfect for internet graphics, particularly trademarks, illustrations, and graphs. They can shrink to small document sizes when colours and parts are restricted, which is any other plus. The biggest good thing about a PNG is that the picture may also be absolutely clear, permitting you to put illustrations and designs on height of backgrounds without problems. PNG may be a best choice if photographs will likely be edited and stored a couple of occasions.
  • PDF photographs are perfect for printing, particularly for graphic design, posters, and flyers. PDF photographs also are a super selection for storing photographs on-line while you intend them to be downloaded. PDFs stay your photographs in a single packet so audience can print and save designs and booklets simply.
  • TIFF photographs are perfect for printing, particularly images, magazines, booklets, and different multi-page designs. Due to their talent to retain top quality symbol knowledge, they may be able to be a formidable document extension in explicit eventualities.
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File Chart

How to Convert Image Formats Online

The loose document converter from Shutterstock is a surprisingly clean strategy to convert information between JPG, PNG, and TIFF. Simply add your photograph, make a choice the document layout you wish to have, and voilà!

If you wish to have to know the way to switch JPG to PDF, or how you can convert PDF to PNG or JPG on Mac or PC, the excellent news is that we’ve lined many of those processes already in earlier posts. First, if you happen to’re making a PDF document in your desktop or on-line from different symbol varieties to find out how you can create a PDF document in 4 easy tactics.

When you will have a PDF that you wish to have to transform into a picture document, you even have a number of choices in response to your working gadget, finances, and degree of experience. Read our information on how you can convert a PDF to JPG to get began. Once your symbol document is stored as a JPEG, you’ll simply convert it to a PNG (on a Mac, it’s as simple as converting the document extension).

You too can use Shutterstock Editor to create designs, or edit pictures and export them within the symbol layout of your selection. The procedure is intuitive and hassle-free.

Shutterstock Editor
Shutterstock Editor is easy-to-use and hassle-free.

Simply navigate to Editor and save any symbol as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF following those steps:

  • Within Shutterstock Editor, make a selection Open Designs to import photographs, or just click on File > New to create a picture the usage of our user-friendly enhancing device.
  • When you’re in a position to export the picture, make a choice File > Save As, and provides your symbol a reputation. This saves the file inside your Shutterstock account.
  • To export your design in a particular symbol layout, make a choice Download on the top-right of the Editor, after which make a selection PDF, JPEG, or PNG beneath File Format.
  • Now your design or {photograph} will likely be optimized with the document kind you wish to have.

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