Biden responds to Putin’s threats to nuke the West over Ukraine

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SAG Awards: Meryl Streep presentations off shoulders at Screen Actors Guild in strapless black robe

The actress took to the level to offer a clip from her film Don't Look Up, along costars Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett, all the way through the SAG awards on Sunday.

Lorde poses in her sexiest cover shoot to date for Vogue Australia

Lorde has revealed why she has largely retreated into a quiet life in her native New Zealand during an interview with Vogue Australia.

NASA’s James Web Telescope effectively deploys its 70-foot sunshield

NASA's James Web Space Telescope has absolutely deployed its huge 70-foot sunshield that is composed of 5 layers of small plastic sheets covered with reflective steel to dam out mild in house.

Inspirational double automotive crash survivor Sophie Delezio celebrates her twenty first birthday in Sydney

In the early 2000s Sophie Delezio captured the eye of hundreds of thousands throughout Australia after surviving two automotive injuries as a child - and on Sunday she celebrated her twenty first birthday. 

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